Upgrading Outdoor Recreation Space at Zero Cost to Local Authorities’

OUR Vision

GLE (Golf and Leisure Experience Ltd) is a project management company specialising in transforming leisure and recreation facilities using Environmentally Approved soil.

Like many entrepreneurial companies, GLE was created out of necessity when business partners Scott Cranfield and Simon Preston couldn’t find the perfect company to help them develop their golf and leisure business…

In 2007 we had plans to transform our golf centre into the UK’s No 1 Family Golf and Leisure Centre by using inert soil. After a long search for the right contractor, it became apparent there was a lack of expertise in pulling every aspect of this type of project together. 

We were going to be the operators at the end of this project and that meant we saw the project very differently to the contractors.  This difference became our strength and also caught the attention of local authorities who of course can’t afford the risk of a shabby operation or an unusable end product.

In 2007 we embarked on a mission to learn every angle to make sure we could deliver a turnkey project that could take the government directive of using environmentally approved soil and prove it can work for everyone involved, and that’s precisely what we have done. In 2009 our project began and today Golf Kingdom is living proof it works!

After 6 years of constructing one of the largest projects of its type, we have proved that managed professionally these projects can be run without any of the problem’s other sites experience. Even if that does mean having the odd cup of tea with the neighbours!

On the back of our own success and winning an award for our work, we are proud to say we are now working with local authorities and delivering new football pitches through to grand community parks and always at zero cost to the council. 

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